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Cleveland and Euclid police officers have reported being threatened, taunted, and shot at by suspects driving stolen KIAs in the past two days.

The suspects have been repeatedly speeding past police scenes, following cop cars, and even driving through the Euclid Police Department parking lot to taunt officers.

Body camera footage obtained by a Cleveland affiliate shows the same group of men who were allegedly involved in these incidents being stopped by police during a traffic stop.

The footage reveals the suspects’ confrontational behavior towards the officers, including yelling threats to shoot cops.

The driver of the stolen KIA, Gavin Roberts, has been indicted with a felony charge for disrupting public service and lesser charges for obstructing official business and aggravated menacing.

Police say that dealing with the suspects in the stolen car kept them from responding quickly to other calls, including one with a response time of 56 minutes.

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