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Former OU Men’s Tennis Player Executive Produces Oscar-Winning Film Suspected DUI Driver’s High-Speed Pursuit Caught on Camera by Sheriff’s Helicopter

A suspected DUI driver led authorities in a high-speed pursuit that started in South Los Angeles and moved to the South Bay.

The pursuit was caught on camera by a sheriff’s helicopter, which was the only law enforcement vehicle chasing the suspect.

The suspect was driving a blue challenger and was weaving in and out of traffic, causing problems for other drivers.

The pursuit reached speeds of up to 120 miles per hour on the 105 freeway.

At one point, the sheriff’s helicopter had its light on the suspect, but then turned it off.

The suspect continued driving recklessly with no law enforcement behind him.

The pursuit caused concern for public safety as the roads were very busy at the time.

The driver’s identity and any charges he may face have not been disclosed.

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