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Suspect Identified in Case That Sent Beaver Township Officer to Hospital

First News is closely following the breaking news that unfolded in Beaver Township, where an officer was injured while responding to a domestic dispute last night.

The suspect, identified as Zachary Crespo, has now been apprehended and is currently in custody.

Our reporter, Hanna Erdmann, is live at the Beaver Township Police Department to provide the latest updates on this incident.

According to Police Chief Eric Datillo, Zachary Crespo was arrested in connection with the altercation that occurred between the suspect and the officer.

The injured officer was swiftly taken to St.

E’s hospital in Youngstown for medical treatment.

The initial call came in around 8:30 p.m.

from the Highlands Housing development on Old Hickory Court, reporting a domestic dispute.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated when Crespo inflicted harm upon one of the responding officers before fleeing the scene.

After a thorough search, law enforcement officers were able to locate Crespo.

Chief Datillo praised the negotiation team for successfully resolving the situation peacefully.

It should be noted that more than 100 officers from approximately 30 different departments were involved in the incident.

Chief Datillo expressed his gratitude to the surrounding departments for their support during this perilous event, emphasizing the strong bond and camaraderie among law enforcement officers.

Chief Eric Datillo stated, “The community that we have and the brotherhood that we share with the officers, just in law enforcement in general, for certain in this county…

My phone was ringing off the hook, ‘What do you need?’.

So, I just want to thank all of them.” As for Crespo, he has currently been charged with felonious assault.

It remains uncertain whether additional charges will be filed as the investigation is still ongoing.

Many details surrounding the incident remain unknown, including the extent of injuries sustained by others present in the home during the domestic dispute.

This is an active investigation, and law enforcement will continue to follow leads to gather more information.

Chief Datillo was unable to provide an exact count of the injured individuals involved in the incident.

Moreover, we are working diligently to ascertain if further charges are expected in this case.

Reporting live from Beaver Township, this is Hanna Erdmann for First News Saturday morning.

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