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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

has been one month since Hamas brutally invaded Israel, resulting in the horrific slaughter of 1400 innocent people and the capture of hundreds of hostages. Tonight, survivors of the attack and family members of the hostages held captive in Gaza are speaking out, demanding freedom for their loved ones.

Chris Wolfe is reporting live from Beverly Hills, where a special event was held tonight. The Israeli American Council of Los Angeles organized the event, providing an opportunity for those directly impacted by the violence in the Middle East to share their stories. One survivor, 26-year-old Israeli Ariel Gall, shared his unimaginable experience of narrowly escaping a surprise terrorist attack in his homeland. Along with other Israeli citizens affected by the violence, he spoke at the event in Beverly Hills, urging for the release of the approximately 240 hostages currently held by the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas.

Ariel described how he was partying on the beach near the Gaza border when the attack occurred, and he and his friends raced to their cars, dodging gunfire the entire time. He vividly recounted the intense chaos and brutal reality of the situation, witnessing dead bodies and feeling the bullets graze past them. Tragically, his best friend, a girl named Moe, was killed by the terrorists.

Another family affected by the attack is desperately searching for their missing daughter, Romy Gonen, who called her father during the assault, stating that she had been shot and two of her friends had been killed. The father remains hopeful but agonizingly uncertain about his daughter’s fate. Despite the immense pain and uncertainty, the survivors and family members at the event expressed their unwavering strength and determination..

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