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A man who survived a violent stabbing in El Sereno is speaking out about the terrifying attack.

David Anthony Zapata, 32, is accused of a double stabbing on March 3 that left Xavier Daniel Cha, an honor student at Woodrow Wilson High School, dead.

The victim was waiting for his mom to pick him up after school when Zapata attacked him from behind.

A few hours later and about a mile away, Zapata struck again, targeting Daniel Via Lobos.

Daniel was stabbed six times as he was leaving for work and ran to a nearby store for help.

A husband and father of three, he says his heart goes out to Cha’s family.

Zapata was taken into custody after a standoff with police and charged with murder and attempted murder.

Authorities believe a second person may be responsible for these attacks because someone was driving a getaway car.

Zapata’s next court appearance is in April.

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