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Vice President Kamala Harris urges action as the battle over access to the most commonly taken abortion drug heats up.

Protesters across the country have rallied against new limits to abortion rights as the Supreme Court considers allowing major changes to abortion access to go into effect this week.

The protests come after a federal judge issued a nationwide ban on the drug, methopristone, which was then blocked by an appeals court but with some restrictions still in place.

The Biden Administration has appealed the restrictions, and the Supreme Court will rule on the case this week.

Meanwhile, Republicans are divided on the issue, with some urging patience while the courts decide, while others worry that repeated attacks on abortion rights are alienating voters.

The Supreme Court has blocked changes to methopristone access until Wednesday at midnight, allowing more time for legal filings and for the court to consider its next steps.

The challenges being considered by the court are regarding expanded access to methopristone, including allowing the drug to be shipped in the mail and reducing the number of doctor visits required to receive it.

The Biden Administration says that these changes would be limited for reproductive rights and is asking the court to block their implementation.

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