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A ‘super rare’ diamond found in India…

What makes it different?
A diamond with an astronomical price is expected to be found in India, where diamonds are already expensive.

According to a diamond wholesaler in India, they discovered a double diamond inside a diamond in October last year.

They named it the “beating heart” because of its pulsating movement.
The natural diamond weighs 0.329 carats and was found to have a double structure, with a relatively weaker middle layer speculated to have partially melted during the mineral formation process.

Experts who participated in the analysis were amazed, saying that they have never seen this type of diamond in the past 30 years.
Although the exact price has not been determined, if it is put up for sale, it is expected to command an astronomical price.

Netizens reacted with comments such as “it’s really worth its weight in gold,” “how many generations of ancestors would have to accumulate wealth to obtain such a rare gem?” and “shouldn’t we use it for research purposes instead of as a piece of jewelry?”
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