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EL PASO, TX – As the highly anticipated 149th running of the Kentucky Derby approaches, Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino is gearing up to host a spectacular celebration for racing enthusiasts.

Executive Director of Marketing, Jaci Marx, recently sat down with KTSM to discuss the preparations for this iconic event.

The Kentucky Derby, often referred to as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” is an annual horse racing event that captivates millions of viewers worldwide.

Taking place on Saturday, May 6, this year’s edition promises to be a thrilling experience for attendees.

Jaci Marx expressed her excitement about the upcoming festivities, emphasizing that Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino is the place to be for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the thrill of the Derby.

With a rich history and a long-standing tradition, the racetrack is fully committed to providing an unforgettable experience to its guests.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the Kentucky Derby celebration at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino,” Marx stated.

“We have been working diligently to ensure that every detail is taken care of and that our guests have an exceptional time.”

The preparations include meticulously planning the race-day schedule, organizing various entertainment activities, and ensuring the venue is prepared to accommodate the large influx of visitors.

Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino aims to create an atmosphere that captures the essence of the Derby, with live music, delicious food options, and an array of betting opportunities.

“We want our guests to feel the excitement and energy of the Kentucky Derby,” Marx explained.

“From the moment they step foot on our grounds, they will be transported into a world of exhilaration and anticipation.”

The Kentucky Derby has a long history of producing legendary horses and memorable moments.

As spectators eagerly await the race, Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino remains dedicated to upholding the prestige of this renowned event.

Their team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering an exceptional experience that honors the traditions and thrills associated with the Derby.

Marx concluded by inviting everyone to join in the celebration of the Kentucky Derby at Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino.

“Whether you’re a seasoned racing enthusiast or a first-time attendee, we guarantee an unforgettable day filled with excitement, entertainment, and the thrill of witnessing history in the making,” she said.

As the countdown to the Kentucky Derby continues, racing enthusiasts and casual fans alike are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the heart-pounding action.

With Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino’s commitment to excellence, this year’s Derby celebration promises to be a remarkable experience for all.

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