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As mass transit ridership returns to-pandemic levels, it appears that one thing that hasn’t improved is the behavior of people on public transportation. From blocking doors to taking up seats with bags, Fox Arthur CH spoke to riders about some of the annoying habits they’ve observed. Is there a decline in subway manners? Absolutely, it seems like manners have definitely declined.

During the pandemic, we changed a lot of our habits, but now that more people are using the subways, it’s time to bring back some basic consideration for our fellow passengers. For example, Terry witnessed someone smoking on the train this morning and others have been playing loud music without using headphones. One of the main complaints is hearing loud conversations. Alexia has noticed an increase in “manspreading,” where men sit with their legs spread out, taking up multiple seats. She jokingly suggests she might start “womanspreading” in response.

Additionally, many people don’t move out of the way for others, especially when getting off the train. They set up shop and occupy multiple seats, leaving others standing.

Today, there was a pregnant lady who had to stand while a guy with two bags on either side of him refused to offer her a seat. Complaints from subway riders range from people smoking weed to blocking staircases during rush hour. Some people also struggle to understand the concept of sticking to the right, especially when going downstairs. Hope for a polite subway experience seems minimal at the moment. The MTA has a courtesy campaign, but it seems that most New Yorkers are ignoring the message. Lisa Daglian from the MTA’s Watch Star Group suggests a simple rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This means taking off your backpack when entering a train car and making sure it’s not in the way.

It also means moving out of the way and allowing trains to stay on schedule. By showing some basic manners, we can all work towards the common goal of getting to our destinations efficiently.

Reporting from the Union Square subway station, this is Arthur Chen for Fox 5 News..

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