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In a major victory for Ukraine, the Russian army suffered significant losses today in just one day of fighting in the ongoing conflict.

According to reports, the Russian armed forces lost 1,060 soldiers to the Ukrainian army, demonstrating the determination of Ukrainian troops.

Furthermore, information has been released regarding Russian equipment losses to date.

The Russian army has lost 3,432 tanks, 6,714 armored vehicles, 2,456 artillery systems, 488 surface-to-air missiles, 253 air defense systems, 303 planes, 289 helicopters, 2,095 unmanned aerial vehicles, and 873 continuous-aimed missiles used for naval aggression.

The Russian army is struggling to achieve absolute victory, which is the reason for their failure.

The question remains: will the Russian army be able to withstand the Ukrainian forces? The global community watches on as this conflict continues to unfold.

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