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Student Reacts to Oakland Teachers’ Strike

When teachers go on strike, it’s not uncommon for students to follow suit and stay home from school.

However, for some students, teacher strikes are not entirely unfamiliar.

A high school sophomore in Oakland recalls experiencing another teacher strike during his time in middle school.

Currently, the Oakland Unified School District is facing an ongoing teachers’ strike, and as a result, thousands of students will be absent from class tomorrow.

The district had planned a news conference regarding the strike but had to cancel it.

The strike, now in its third day, has seen over 3,000 teachers and staff participating in picketing, leaving many classrooms empty.

Some high school students have chosen to stay home in solidarity with their teachers.

One student shares that they haven’t set foot on campus since the strike began and that the topic of the strike hasn’t been extensively discussed.

They compare this strike to the previous one they experienced, stating that it is less impactful due to the availability of remote work and learning, which became the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the student expresses concerns about the strike’s potential impact on their upcoming final exams.

Despite this, they stand in support of their teachers and find it unfair that the district refuses to address their demands or engage in meaningful negotiations.

At Skyline High School, students are set to take their finals in approximately a week.

The last day of classes for students in the Oakland Unified School District is scheduled for May 25th.

As the strike continues, students and teachers alike navigate the challenges it presents, with hopes for a resolution that addresses the teachers’ concerns and allows students to resume their education uninterrupted.

Source: KTVU Fox two news

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