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Student Injured in Pocketknife Altercation at Henry County High School

An unfortunate incident occurred at Woodland High School in Henry County, resulting in a student being injured during a pocketknife altercation.

The incident took place on Friday, prompting an emergency medical response and the implementation of a soft lockdown at the school.

The news has left many parents in Henry County feeling uneasy and concerned about the safety of their children.

The incident comes on the heels of several reports of violence within classrooms in the area.

Don White, reporting for 11 Alive, has been investigating the situation and gauging the response from parents and lawmakers who are calling for change.

According to a spokesperson from the Henry County School, a student at Woodland High School used a pocket knife during the altercation.

The student responsible for the incident is expected to face multiple charges.

The day began like any other at Woodland High School, but it ended with parents like Lakeisha Gantt grappling with uncertainty and worry.

Gantt, who has two daughters attending Henry County schools, expressed disappointment and emphasized the importance of ensuring a safe learning environment for all children.

She even admitted to being so concerned that her children now avoid riding the school bus.

This incident is not an isolated one, as Henry County has witnessed a series of violent occurrences in its schools.

Previous reports highlighted fights at Eagles Landing and Union Grove High Schools.

In light of these incidents, the Chair Lady of the Henry County School Board revealed that the board is contemplating the installation of metal detectors in certain schools, particularly high schools.

State Senator Emmanuel Jones, who represents the area, intends to propose the idea of increasing the number of School Resource Officers (SROs) and even establishing a dedicated police department within the school system to address the escalating violence.

Senator Jones emphasized the collective responsibility of the community, stating that the issue at hand affects everyone, regardless of whether their child is directly involved.

He stressed the need for united action and expressed concern over the growing number of fights in schools, urging immediate intervention.

Although the student who was stabbed reportedly sustained non-life-threatening injuries, the incident has intensified the worries of parents in the region.

Moreover, this incident coincides with a spate of threats across multiple school districts in metro Atlanta.

Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office were compelled to evacuate Lithia Springs High School due to a threat, while officials in Cobb County investigated a similar incident at Hill Grove High School.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office also responded to a threat made by a student at E Coweta High School, although the threat was directed at another district.

The series of incidents has placed a spotlight on school safety and the urgent need for measures to mitigate violence within educational institutions.

Concerned parents, officials, and lawmakers are determined to address this issue promptly and effectively to ensure the well-being and security of students across Henry County.

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