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In the Prudo Bay area, the wind is strong, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. This is causing the flags to whip and stand straight. David Neil JR advises that vehicles should travel in pairs for safety. Moving on to Katakana, they are also experiencing strong winds.

There has been wet weather, which will soon end. However, there is a possibility of more wet weather tomorrow.

Across the state, winds have been especially strong in Adak and Cold Bay, with wind gusts reaching 52 mph and 51 mph respectively. The Dead Horse Prudo Bay area is experiencing wind chills below zero.

Sewer had a gust of 41 mph. The temperature extremes in the state range from -4 degrees in Nikolai to 49 degrees in certain areas.

The Arctic Slope and the interior are cooler, while Panhandle locations and the Illusions are seeing temperatures in the 40s. South Central is experiencing cooler temperatures with snowfall. The valley areas have temperatures in the 30s, with Valdes cooling to 35 degrees. In the Kenai Peninsula area, specifically Keenai, the temperature is 29 degrees.

Looking at Anchorage and Keenai up close, the snow will linger tonight but will be gone by tomorrow. Wet weather will continue in Prince William Sound as the next storm approaches from the west.

There are advisories for coastal floods and winter storms in effect. The forecast predicts the winds will die down tomorrow, but there will still be wet weather in the Panhandle due to low pressure. A winter storm is expected, bringing a mix of snow, rain, gusty winds, and coastal surges.

This front will cover a large part of the state. On Monday, there is a chance of snow. In Cold Bay, there will be wet weather, but parts of the West Coast and the interior will see some sunshine.

The Arctic Slope will have less wind. Southeast Alaska will experience rain on Saturday, but it will clear up and be sunny on Sunday.

On the Kenai Peninsula, Saturday will be partly to mostly sunny with winds from the northeast. Valdes will have winds up to 25 mph, while Cordova will have winds up to 20 mph. The temperature will reach 17 degrees in Gana and the 20s in the Madusa and Susitna valleys.

Anchorage will have a high of 27 degrees, and Girdwood will reach 24 degrees. This month of November has seen a significant amount of snowfall, making it the sixth snowiest on record.

Yesterday had 8.2 inches of snow, and today has had 3.2 inches so far. There will be sunshine over the weekend, followed by more snow on Monday..

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