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Street artist Max Kolomatsky is making waves in New York City with his creative mission to transform signs across the city.

Using vibrant colors and illustrations, Max breathes new life into dull signs, capturing the attention of both locals and social media users.

NBC News’ Emilie Ikeda provides insights into Max’s viral transformations.

Max, a 24-year-old artist, found himself in a creative rut until he discovered inspiration in the eclectic assortment of advertisements taped to windows.

Realizing that most people overlook these signs, Max saw an opportunity to make a difference.

He began drawing on these overlooked canvases, injecting them with personality and charm.

“For me, if a sign can catch your eye, that’s the difference between you knowing about something and you not knowing about it,” Max explains.

Motivated by this belief, Max started his creative journey by redesigning flyers for game nights, ads for refrigerator and stove repair, handyman services, and even local bands.

He printed and posted his improved posters alongside the original ones, anonymously enhancing the visual landscape of the city.

Max’s work gained traction when he shared his artistic process on social media, captivating millions with his Spider-Manesque efforts.

The response was overwhelming, surprising Max, who had no idea his work would resonate on such a large scale.

Recently, Max presented his transformed signs to a small business in person for the first time.

The business owner, Eric, was delighted with the new look and swiftly swapped out the old signs for Max’s creative masterpieces.

Eric hopes that people will take notice of these signs and extend their care to other aspects of the community.

Max’s mission to revamp signs across New York City is an ode to his love for his hometown and a testament to the power of art to inspire change.

With each sign he transforms, Max adds a touch of beauty and surprise to the city’s streets, one sign at a time.

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