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Cloudy Skies and Severe Weather Threat in Starr County: Weather Update

The weather forecast for the afternoon and evening indicates a drop in temperatures to the mid to upper 70s, accompanied by a chance of showers and storms.

However, Starr County is currently facing a marginal risk for severe weather, with the main threats being high winds and large hail.

Despite this, meteorologists do not anticipate a significant weather event.

As the week progresses, the region can expect an increase in rainfall, with a possibility of seeing up to 2 inches of precipitation across the valley by next Monday.

Additionally, a wetter than normal pattern is expected not only in the local area but also across most of Texas.

Tonight, there will be scattered thunderstorms, and temperatures will remain in the mid-70s.

Looking ahead, tomorrow presents a chance for evening storms, with highs reaching the low 90s.

The seven-day forecast indicates cooler temperatures towards the end of the week.

However, more widespread storms are anticipated, and meteorologists will closely monitor their potential for becoming severe.

To stay updated on the latest weather conditions and receive real-time alerts, it is recommended to download the Valley Storm Team app.

This app will provide you with comprehensive weather information and keep you informed about any developing situations.

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