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Weather Update for Louisville Area – 5/9/23 6:30 a.m.

It has been a stormy start to the morning in the Louisville area, with severe weather impacting the region.

Around 3:30 a.m., a significant hail-producing storm developed in the southern parts of Harrison County, moving towards the south side of the metro area and even affecting Shelby County.

Another storm formed in the northern and eastern portions of Harrison and Floyd County, as well as the metro area.

Fortunately, the storm activity has subsided, and there are no current watches or warnings in effect.

However, a few lingering showers can still be expected in the Bardstown area, moving towards Springfield and Lebanon, as well as Marion County.

The chances of thunderstorms are diminishing as a frontal system moves across the area.

The metro area is currently dry, and this dry spell is expected to continue throughout the day, accompanied by cooler and less humid air.

Temperatures range from 59 degrees in Seymour and Madison to the 60s in the metro area and points south and west, such as Warminster and Bardstown, where rain is occurring.

As the morning progresses, the showers and storms will come to an end, and skies will become partly cloudy.

It will be a pleasant day with lower humidity, reaching a high of 76 degrees.

The northwest winds will be around 5 to 15 mph.

Looking at the futurecast, the weather remains tranquil with only a few passing clouds in the afternoon and evening.

Tonight and tomorrow are expected to be clear and favorable as well.

However, towards the latter part of the week, starting from Thursday afternoon and continuing into Friday, there will be renewed chances of showers and storms.

These are likely to occur later in the day and evening on Thursday.

Over the weekend, we can expect scattered showers and storms, similar to the weather pattern of the past few days.

It won’t be a complete washout, but there will be daily opportunities for downpours and storms.

High temperatures during this period will range from the upper 70s to low 80s, with a slight increase expected by Monday of next week.

A frontal system will move through the area, bringing drier conditions and clearing skies, resembling the weather we are experiencing today.

Stay updated with the latest weather information and be prepared for possible showers and storms in the coming days.

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