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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Yesterday despite a few clouds, we treated to a beautiful sunset the Pro area. This morning, temperatures slightly dropped, but not from 24 hours ago It is currently 45 degrees Salt Lake City and in the mid30s in Park City, above freezing. Green River and St.

George are also experiencing fair weather. However, in the north, there are cloudy skies along with some valley rain and mountain snow showers, primarily from Utah County and northward.

This may result in wet roads and slush on higher passes. The blue on the map indicates a cold front moving across Utah, bringing the rain and snow. By tomorrow morning, the rain and snow should subside, although there is a possibility of Lake Effect precipitation primarily impacting the Cottonwoods.

The next few days will see a significant drop in temperatures due to the front. This morning, the wet weather is in the north, but it will spread over the central part of the state by the afternoon.

As the front continues southward, some precipitation will stretch from the southwest to the northeast, with lighter amounts the farther south you go. The northern mountains could receive 2 to 5 inches of snow above 6,000 feet, while areas south of that will only experience a dusting.

By this evening, the front weakens, resulting in less shower activity. Tomorrow morning, aside from any Lake Effect, most areas will dry out. The temperature today is forecasted to be 50 degrees in Salt Lake City, below average for this time of year. Park City will reach 41 degrees, while Cedar City will see low 60s and St.

George will reach 70 degrees. In the south, clouds will increase later in the day along with the chance of spotty showers. Overnight, temperatures will significantly drop, with valleys reaching the low to mid-30s. Salt Lake City will be close to freezing at 33 degrees.

St. George will start the morning in the low 40s.

The rest of the week will continue with chilly mornings and afternoon temperatures hovering near 60 degrees. Veterans Day will be sunny with a high of 63 degrees in Salt Lake City.

The city will experience low 30s tomorrow morning, dropping to upper 20s by Wednesday morning. In the afternoons, temperatures will only reach the upper 40s during the second half of the week, with a slight increase heading into the weekend. If you are attending any outdoor events for Veterans Day, be prepared for chilly temperatures. Saturday will be sunny with a high of 51 degrees..

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