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A store has been disturbed in its operation for several days due to a car parked in front of its entrance, and the owner’s attempt to contact the driver has led to an unexpected response.

According to an online community post in Chungnam Seosan, the first search term on Ok-click is “Can’t get out due to a car parked in front of the entrance for several days.” The post includes a photo of a Sungtang store with a sedan parked in front of the entrance.

The author, who claims to be a friend of the store owner, says that the car is unknown and not associated with alcohol or Sungtang, and asks for advice on how to proceed with business.

The store owner contacted the driver and even shared the exchanged messages with the community, but the driver replied that the entrance is not considered a business area and that he would contact him later in the afternoon.

The store owner then parked vehicles on both sides of the car to prevent it from leaving and demanded a proper apology.

Netizens suggested that the car be towed since it was parked on public property, but also expressed concerns that the store owner’s retaliatory actions could lead to further consequences.

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