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Stillwater bar, Brian’s Bar and Grill, is facing charges in connection with the death of George Musser, a young man who died on Christmas Eve.

The bar has been accused of serving alcohol to Musser, who was underage at the time.

The incident is considered unusual, as an attorney interviewed for the case stated that he had never seen such charges brought against a bar in Minnesota before.

According to prosecutors, two nights before Christmas, Brian’s Bar and Grill served alcohol to George Musser without verifying his age.

Musser, a college student, became severely impaired after leaving the bar and went missing in sub-zero temperatures.

His family reported him missing, and he was later found dead a few miles away.

The loss of Musser during the holiday season left a void for his family.

Four months later, the Stillwater City Attorney has charged Brian’s Bar and Grill with two misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to someone under 21, with the bar itself listed as the defendant.

This is an unusual situation, as typically individuals rather than businesses face such charges.

However, the owner of the bar could also be held criminally liable and face jail time if convicted.

The criminal complaint reveals that Musser’s mother had previously contacted the bar to warn them about her son getting drunk there and how underage individuals were aware that Brian’s Bar and Grill was a place where they could drink.

According to the complaint, a manager at the bar acknowledged the problem when speaking with Musser’s mother.

Legal analyst Joe Tamburino, who is not connected to the case, commented that it is challenging to prove whether the entire business was aware of what was happening or if it was an employee’s mistake or misconduct.

The defense for the bar owner may argue that they were unaware of the situation.

Representatives from Brian’s Bar and Grill are scheduled to appear in court next month.

If convicted, the first misdemeanor charge carries a potential sentence of up to a year in jail, while the second misdemeanor charge carries a maximum of 90 days.

The news outlet reached out to Brian’s ownership for comment, but they have not responded so far.

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