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Southern California mountain communities are under threat of flooding as another storm is set to hit the region this weekend.

The state of emergency in the area was declared after a historic winter storm earlier this year.

The incoming rainstorm, combined with several feet of snow from the previous storm, is causing concerns of avalanches, roof collapses, downed power lines, and blocked drainage.

The rainstorm is creating even more worry among residents who have already suffered from the previous winter storms that dropped more than 8 feet of snow across the San Bernardino Mountains.

Emergency crews are working to clear the snow from the roofs and the roads, while residents are stocking up on sandbags to protect their homes.

The Federal Disaster Declaration approved by President Biden is good news for the affected residents, but some are still skeptical about the help they need.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about price gouging and offering up to $500 to residents and businesses for private snow removal.

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