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State Files Complaint Involving Bradenton Condos Where Unlicensed Contractor Was Hired and Mangroves Filled

As the upcoming hurricane season approaches, concerns arise regarding the filled mangroves with debris at a local condo complex in Bradenton.

The issue came to light when an unlicensed contractor was caught performing illegal work at the site.

The situation was exposed by 8 On Your Side, shedding light on the problem in Bradenton.

Following a thorough investigation, the state has completed its inquiry and filed a complaint against the complex manager.

Investigator Walt Buteau brings us the latest developments on this ongoing storm.

The manager at Palma Sola Harbor, however, denied any wrongdoing, while state agencies intervened.

One allegation made against the manager is that he knowingly hired an unlicensed contractor back in March.

Low Lucky Rollins was spotted at the complex, where he openly admitted to doing work for both the complex and some condo owners.

When questioned about his licensing, Rollins brazenly dismissed the issue.

Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation has now taken action by filing an administrative complaint against condo association manager Matthew Edwards.

The complaint alleges that Edwards knew or had reasonable grounds to know that Rollins lacked the necessary certification or registration as a contractor.

While Edwards has yet to respond to the allegations in the state’s complaint, he previously stated that he did nothing wrong in his capacity as the manager.

Another issue investigated was alleged illegal dumping in the mangroves surrounding the complex.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) found evidence suggesting that around 1,000 square feet of the mangroves were illegally filled.

The DEP’s final report included photographs showing wood materials, tree debris, glass, and concrete near the mangroves.

Fortunately, the final report by the DEP indicates that the problem has been rectified, and the mangroves are now in compliance with regulations.

However, several employees of Palma Sola claim they were fired for coming forward with allegations regarding the mangroves and the illegal activities conducted at the complex.

As the legal complaint moves forward, it remains to be seen how the case will unfold and what consequences the involved parties may face.

The focus now shifts to ensuring the protection and preservation of the mangroves, especially in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season.

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