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In a thrilling game between the Stanford Cardinals and the Texas Longhorns, it was Stanford who emerged victorious in Game 2 of the Super Regionals.

After surrendering a three-run lead in the 9th inning of the previous game, Stanford was determined to bounce back.

The game took place in Sanford, and from the very beginning, it promised to be an exciting matchup.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Dylan Campbell hit a deep fly to left field, bringing in Jared Thomas, who had earlier hit an RBI triple.

The score stood at 2-1 in favor of Texas.

In the top of the 5th inning, Malcolm Moore smashed the pitch to the left field wall for a double, allowing Montgomery to score from second base.

Stanford now led 3-2.

The excitement continued in the 9th inning when Drew Bowsar hit his second homer in as many days, increasing Stanford’s lead to 5-2.

Feeling the need for insurance runs, the Cardinals delivered.

A base hit to left-center field by an unnamed player brought in two more runs, making it a 7-3 ballgame.

But they weren’t done yet.

A confusion-causing play resulted in an off-target throw, allowing another run to score.

Stanford now led 8-3.

However, the true star of the game was Quinn Matthews, Stanford’s senior pitcher.

In what would be his final outing at home, he aimed to throw a complete game.

With one away, he struck out the next batter swinging.

With two away, the Longhorns’ player grounded out to shortstop.

Matthews completed the game with an impressive 156 pitches, recording 16 strikeouts.

He struck out every batter in Texas’s lineup at least once.

The Stanford Cardinals emerged as the victors, defeating the Texas Longhorns in an intense and memorable Game 2 of the Super Regionals.

Both teams displayed their skill and determination, but it was Stanford’s strong pitching and timely hitting that secured their win.

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