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Thousands Celebrate St.

Patrick’s Day in Downtown Augusta

Despite the possibility of bad weather, thousands of people gathered in downtown Augusta to celebrate St.

Patrick’s Day.

The parade, which started at 2 p.m., featured numerous floats, and spectators along the streets brought lawn chairs and were dressed in green.

According to reports, people from different parts of Georgia came to celebrate the day with their loved ones.

Workers at local businesses also participated in the festivities by welcoming customers into their restaurants and stores.

The celebration will continue at Augusta Common until 10 p.m.


One family from a large Irish Catholic community stated that they have always made it a tradition to come to the parade, but this year, they wanted to avoid the larger crowds in Savannah.

Despite the threat of bad weather, people were determined to have a good time and make some lucky charm memories.

Reporting live from downtown, Bria Smith for WJBS NewsChannel 6.

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