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Patrick’s Day Brings Change to Lenten Friday Fish Frys in Pittsburgh

As St.

Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday during Lent this year, Catholics in Pittsburgh were given a break from their meat abstinence thanks to Bishop David Zubik’s dispensation.

While this exemption was celebrated by some, it also had an impact on local fish frys, which are typically packed on Fridays during Lent.

At the St.

Catherine of Siena church in Beachview, organizers reported that sales were slower than usual, with only around half the crowd they would normally see on a fish fry Friday.

However, fish fry coordinator Debbie Bruss emphasized that they were not too concerned about the loss of business, as the proceeds from the event help to provide food for the homeless, veterans, and those in need.

Despite the lower turnout, the fish fry was still a success and there are still two more scheduled for this season.

As Bruss noted, “we just have a good time and do the best we can and giving is what this fish fry is all about.”

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