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Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Savannah Continue into the Night

The celebrations for St.

Patrick’s Day in Savannah, Georgia, didn’t end with the parade.

Thousands of locals and visitors continued the festivities well into the night on Friday, with many hanging out near City Market.

The party showed no signs of slowing down even as midnight approached.

People from all over the country, including Charleston, South Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, and Easley, South Carolina, were in attendance for the 199th year of the celebration.

Many came to Savannah not only to see the parade but also to experience the city’s nightlife.

River Street and City Market were transformed into a sea of green on Friday, with everyone looking to have a good time.

The atmosphere was described as wonderful, with the culture, food, and experience in Savannah all contributing to the celebration’s success.

While Savannah and Chicago are both known for going all-out for St.

Patrick’s Day, some visitors from Chicago claimed that Savannah’s celebration was even more fun.

The bars closed at 2:55 a.m., so the party was expected to quiet down around that time.

Overall, St.

Patrick’s Day in Savannah was a huge success, with thousands of people coming together to celebrate and have a good time.

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