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Today, March 11, 2023, marks the start of the spring forward weekend, where we move our clocks forward one hour.

Despite this time change, the days are getting longer, with just under three hours of added daylight since the winter solstice.

The rate of increase is more than three minutes of daylight per day, which means sunsets will now be in the seven o’clock hour.

However, there is a difference between daylight and sunshine, and while the days are getting longer, we’re not seeing a lot of sunshine today.

The forecast shows a chance for scattered showers across Western Oregon, with snow levels generally around 2,000 feet in the Oregon coast range and the Cascades.

Despite this, Central and Eastern Oregon will enjoy mostly dry and sunny days.

Temperatures along the I-5 corridor are expected to be around 50 degrees, which is below the normal high for this time of year.

Overnight tonight, clouds will thicken as the next weather system rolls in.

On Sunday, we can expect rain mid to late morning, which may impact the Shamrock run, with more significant rain coming in tomorrow night.

Portland could see up to an inch and a half of rain between Sunday afternoon and Monday night.

Today’s temperatures will be in the upper 30s to mid-40s in most areas, with Astoria reaching a high of 49.

While there is a chance for scattered showers across Western Oregon, it won’t be a complete washout.

Tomorrow, temperatures will be around 50, with rain developing throughout the day.

With the time change, it’s important to remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and furnace filters.

Additionally, it’s recommended to go to bed earlier to adjust to the lost hour of sleep.

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