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Title: Spirit Airlines Worker Attacked by ‘Pregnant’ Passenger Shares Her Side of the Story

In a recent incident at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a gate manager working for Spirit Airlines was assaulted by a passenger who allegedly smelled of alcohol.

The entire altercation was captured on camera, shedding light on the dangers faced by airline workers.

The victim, identified as Jasmine Rhoden, spoke out about the incident.

She revealed that the angry passenger punched her in the face and even bit her fingers during the assault at the gate.

Rhoden, who manages a team of predominantly female workers, expressed concerns about their safety in light of this incident.

When asked about the prevailing customer service atmosphere at the airport, Rhoden mentioned that the field is dominated by female staffers.

She speculated whether this fact could contribute to situations where upset passengers become more aggressive.

The recent attack has only reinforced the apprehensions of gate agents, who fear for their safety while performing their duties.

Rhoden explained that the incident occurred when a woman, identified as Queen Maria Scott, approached her.

Scott had reportedly exhibited unruly behavior, leading to a decision to deny her boarding.

However, Rhoden never anticipated the physical assault until it actually happened.

She described the assault, saying, “She hiked her pants up and then ran towards me and punched me in my face.

I have whiplash, a sprain in my neck, upper back, and lower back because she actually bit my fingers while we were down on the ground.”

One aspect that made the situation particularly alarming was the fact that the assailant, Scott, was pregnant.

Rhoden had detected the scent of alcohol on Scott’s breath, which she found unusual considering her condition.

It was later revealed that “no kiss” is slang terminology, known to Spirit Airlines employees, indicating that something disruptive is about to occur.

Airline workers frequently have to handle confrontations with agitated passengers, and Rhoden suggested that in the past, off-duty sworn police officers were present to monitor the gates.

The mere presence of these officers helped maintain order and deter potential incidents.

Rhoden emphasized the stressful nature of her role as a gate agent, prompting her to contact Spirit Airlines’ national security office to discuss gate security measures.

However, she has yet to receive a response.

The alarming incident involving a pregnant passenger attacking an airline worker has sparked concerns about the safety and well-being of gate agents.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by airline employees in maintaining a secure and calm environment while dealing with passengers.

The airline industry must address these concerns and prioritize the safety of its workers in order to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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