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Many people were seen wearing light clothing today (11th) as the weather was surprisingly warm, making it feel like summer has already arrived.

However, unfortunately, fine dust was causing trouble.

Although the fine dust will recede tomorrow with the rain, the cold wave is waiting.

This is reporter Kwon Nan from SBS 8 News.

The Seoul city center is trapped in grey dust, making it difficult to even recognize the shape of buildings, including the tallest buildings in the country.

Even those who came out to enjoy spring are unable to hide their disappointment.

It seems a little burdensome to engage in outdoor activities for a long time like this, so I think I will go indoors now.

Micrograms of fine dust have also been cancelled, and ultrafine dust warnings have been issued for the metropolitan area, Chungnam, Gyeongnam, and more.

The clear spring weather continued today, with citizens exercising in short sleeves and shorts.

Even when still, they were sweating.

The highest temperature in Seoul today was 22.2 degrees Celsius, and in Gyeonggi, Jeonju, and Pohang, the highest temperature recorded so far this year was 25.4 degrees Celsius in March.

However, tomorrow, after rain falls across the country from the morning, the spring weather that arrived in a hurry will falter for a moment.

Cold air will move down from the northwest tomorrow afternoon, pushing away the fine dust and reducing atmospheric dryness to some extent.

But the temperature is expected to drop to below freezing in the morning the day after tomorrow, and a sparkling cold wave is expected to arrive.

This is Kim Hyun-woo from SBS.

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