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Southeast Wisconsin is set to experience mostly sunny and warm weather on Wednesday, thanks to high pressure dominating the region.

While temperatures along the lakeshore will be slightly cooler, reaching the upper 60s, inland areas can expect temperatures to climb into the mid to upper 70s.

There are some showers to the north, but they will remain north of the area, allowing for dry conditions throughout the day.

The morning will greet residents with mostly clear skies and no fog, ensuring good visibility.

Temperatures in the early hours will range from the mid to upper 40s, slightly cooler than the previous day.

As the day progresses, temperatures will rise, with the lunch hour seeing temperatures near 70 degrees along the lakefront and already reaching the low 70s inland.

Inland areas might even touch 80 degrees, while lakeside temperatures will remain closer to 60 or 70 degrees due to cooler winds from the southeast.

Despite the temperature variations, the day promises abundant sunshine, making it a great opportunity for outdoor activities.

The favorable weather continues into the next day, with temperatures staying in the low 70s near the lakefront and potentially reaching 80 degrees inland.

Mostly sunny skies will prevail, accompanied by a few clouds towards the end of the day.

However, Friday brings a change in weather conditions as rain showers make a comeback.

The showers will be scattered, allowing for breaks in between.

Temperatures will be in the mid-60s along the lakeshore, while inland areas will still experience warmer temperatures in the mid-70s.

On Sunday, a storm system is expected to move through, bringing widespread rain and the possibility of thunderstorms.

Temperatures will drop to the low 60s for everyone as the storm system moves away.

Fortunately, the forecast shows drier weather returning after the storm passes, offering a respite from the rain.

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