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South Side Cleveland Celebrates Women’s History Month with Delicious Dinner and Wine Pairing

March is Women’s History Month, and South Side in Tremont is offering a unique opportunity to celebrate women over a very delicious meal.

On Tuesday, the restaurant will be hosting a special dinner and wine pairing with a focus on women.

The dinner will feature mostly food that is made, produced, or owned by women, showcasing their strength and multi-talents.

The menu will include cheese from a woman-owned business, such as blue cheese and Bay leaf cheese, along with charcuterie made by Ukrainian women.

The dinner will start with a white wine spritz made with frozen fruit, followed by other wines and spitzes.

The menu will also include pork and beef dishes that are smooth, interesting, and full of flavor.

The event will not only offer delicious food and drinks but also feature a guest speaker who will motivate and inspire attendees.

There will also be a woman who will talk about the wines and offer some tasting notes.

The event will be an opportunity to network, have fun, and remind people of the importance of Women’s History Month.

To find out more about the event, interested individuals can visit the South Side Cleveland website or their Instagram page, where tickets are available on Eventbrite.

The restaurant encourages interested individuals to call them to learn more about the event and get to know their customers.

The Women’s History Month dinner at South Side is a great way to support women and celebrate their achievements.

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