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South Jordan City Council has approved the annexation of over 2,200 acres of property belonging to major mining company Rio Tinto Kennecott into city limits.

The land, which has been used for mining silver, copper, and gold for over a century, will now be opened up for development, providing homes, parks, recreation opportunities, and economic development for the citizens of South Jordan City.

Rio Tinto Copper’s Chief Operating Officer Clayton Walker has stated that while mining operations will continue in certain portions of the land, they will work with the city to develop the area safely.

South Jordan City Mayor Don Ramsey has also expressed support for the move, citing the city’s commitment to smart planning, advanced infrastructure, efficient transportation, water conservation, outdoor recreation, and economic development opportunities.

While it may take decades for the changes to be fully implemented, the annexation of the land marks a significant step towards the future development of South Jordan City.

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