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South Fulton Business Owner Rebuilds After Devastating Fire

Six months after a massive fire destroyed her small business inside a South Fulton warehouse, CEO Chantal Powell is back in business and in a new location.

Play Pits, Powell’s deodorant company, has expanded to include adult brands, and she credits her loyal customer base, which she calls her “under Army,” for helping her through the tough times.

Powell told Fox 5’s Eric Perry that giving up was never an option after the fire, which started at a neighboring business with propane gas and oxygen that caused an explosive blaze.

“Nothing is impossible for me,” Powell said.

“Life is just how you manage and how you navigate those situations.”

Powell’s company is now based at the Ecom Spaces in southwest Atlanta, which helps small businesses with fulfilling and shipping orders.

Despite the setback, Powell said she’s still looking out for others and recently sponsored a youth gala for football and a team called Rare Breed.

“We can do anything.

Nothing is impossible for us,” Powell said.

Play Pits products are sold on the company’s website as well as in Target and on Amazon.

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