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Spring Brings Below-Average Temperatures and High Snowfall in South Dakota

As spring arrives, many people are eager for warmer temperatures and the end of winter weather.

However, meteorologist Scott Munt warns that South Dakota residents should hold off on those thoughts of warm days ahead.

Despite the start of spring, temperatures in the Northern Plains are expected to remain below average through at least mid-April.

While the sun’s radiation is helping to melt some of the snow and ice in Central and Eastern Keloland, the slow melt is necessary to prevent flooding.

The region is still experiencing above-average snowfall for this time of year, with over a foot and a half of snow in all of Keloland and just over a foot in Winter and Rapid City.

Despite the slow start to spring, residents can stay informed about South Dakota news, weather, and sports by following KELOLAND News on their website and social media channels.

As temperatures remain below average and snow continues to fall, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest weather developments.

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