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Winning Numbers Announced for the South Carolina Lottery Results on March 18, 2023

South Carolina residents were eagerly awaiting the evening lottery results on March 18, 2023.

The winning numbers for the Pick Three game were announced, with the first number being 5, followed by 0 and 9.

Next up was the Pick Four game, with the numbers 7, 3, 9, and 3 being the lucky winners.

The Fireball number was revealed to be 1.

Moving on to the Palmetto Cash Five game, the winning numbers were 28, 32, 26, 33, and 2.

The power multiplier for the game was 3.

Finally, the cash pop game revealed that the winning number for the night was 14.

Amy Baby, the lottery host, announced the results and wished all the participants good luck.

South Carolina lottery enthusiasts were excited about the results and eagerly awaited the next lottery drawing.

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