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Central Oregon Businesses See Boost in Revenue with Snowfall Accumulation

Businesses in Central Oregon are experiencing a welcome boost in revenue as snow continues to accumulate in the region.

According to the national monitoring service Certified Snow Totals, snow has fallen in Bend for at least 25 days since the start of 2023.

Local ski shops, such as Powder House, are hopeful that the winter weather will bring in more customers looking to purchase snow gear.

Other businesses, including those that provide snow removal and vehicle repairs, are also seeing an increase in demand due to the snowy conditions.

Kendall Collision Center has reported a significant increase in the number of cars brought in for repairs, with around 20 estimates being done per day compared to the usual 300 per month.

While tough driving conditions are likely a contributing factor, the snow removal business owned by Matt Matwich is also seeing an uptick in business.

Matwich primarily serves residential and vacation rental properties, with some commercial clients as well, and is prepared to take on almost any job during the busy season.

Local tour company Wanderlust Tours has also benefited from the snowy weather, with plans to extend their snowshoeing season.

And for those looking to purchase snow gear, Powder House is running promotions through April to take full advantage of the ski season.

Overall, the winter weather has been a boon for businesses in Central Oregon, with many seeing an increase in revenue thanks to the snowfall accumulation.

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