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Today election day in Green Charter Township, a small town in central Michigan. The residents will be voting on whether to recall their entire government.

The reason behind this vote is a Chinese-owned company that has been given permission by town officials to build an electric vehicle battery factory. However, there have been months of protests from some residents who believe that allowing this company into the town is a way for the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate America.

These concerned residents have attended several town hall meetings to voice their fears about the plant. National correspondent Brian Inon, who has been present at these meetings, reports that the residents hope that the recall election will bring about significant changes.

This election is unprecedented in the town, and the residents feel that it is their only option to prevent the Chinese-affiliated company, called Goen, from establishing its presence in Green Charter Township. The company’s corporate records indicate an allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party, which has raised concerns among the residents.

As voting takes place, the residents express their apprehension about the company’s potential infiltration. They believe that the company may try to blend in with the local community or underestimate their ability to fight back.

The residents are passionate about their cause and are determined to change the situation. If they are successful in the recall election, they plan to take over the town building and hope that this will be the first step in halting the Chinese-affiliated company’s plans. The situation has created a dramatic atmosphere in the town as the residents anxiously await the outcome of the election.

This development is worth keeping an eye on..

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