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In a recent report released by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), it appears that small businesses in the United States are facing some significant challenges.

Charles Payne of Fox Business highlighted the findings of the NFIB’s Aptitude Mix Index, which measures various aspects of business conditions and outlook for expansion.

According to Payne, the data indicates that the idea of a soft landing for businesses is not likely to materialize.

The index shows that small businesses are not optimistic about their future prospects, as they are not expecting significant growth in sales or improvements in credit conditions.

The inventory satisfaction level also remains low.

One of the major concerns for small businesses is the availability of credit.

While there has been a slight increase in credit conditions, the overall trend is moving in the wrong direction.

Despite this, small businesses still have some access to credit if they choose to pursue it.

However, the most pressing issue for small businesses, as revealed in the NFIB report, is finding quality labor.

This has overtaken inflation as the single-most important problem facing small businesses today.

The report shows a clear transition, with inflation concerns decreasing while the struggle to find skilled employees intensifies.

Charles Payne expressed his frustration with the labor market, particularly in his home state of New Jersey.

He empathized with business owners who have voiced their complaints about the difficulty of finding qualified workers.

These findings from the NFIB raise concerns about the current state of small businesses in the United States.

With challenges in business conditions, credit availability, and labor shortages, it remains to be seen how these issues will impact the overall economy and the ability of small businesses to thrive.

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