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Slyman’s, a Cleveland staple known for their corned beef sandwiches, is preparing to dish out thousands of sandwiches for St.

Patrick’s Day.

The holiday, coupled with the downtown parade, is one of the biggest economic drivers of the year for the city.

People began lining up as early as 4:15 AM to get their hands on a sandwich, including the popular “Smurf” sandwich, which consists of corned beef and Swiss on rye with mustard.

Slyman’s owner attributes the science to creating the perfect corned beef sandwich to years of experience and being a good-hearted person who loves what they do.

Despite the long lines, the owner urges customers to be patient as they try to serve everyone the best sandwich they can.

Additionally, Slyman’s received a generous donation of $5,000 for the community, which was put on a card belonging to Trent McGill.

With the sandwiches being so popular, it’s clear that the people of Cleveland love their Slyman’s corned beef sandwiches.

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