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Sikh Student’s Turban Ripped Off & Dragged By Hair in Canada

On the night of March 17, 2023, a 21-year-old Sikh Indian man named Gagandeep Singh was brutally attacked in British Columbia province, Canada.

Gagandeep, who is a student, had gone to buy groceries and was waiting for the bus with around 12-15 other people.

When the bus arrived, they all boarded it, and as Gagandeep reached his destination and got off the bus, the young boys who had also gotten off the bus thrashed him badly.

They punched him all over his body, pulled his hair and turban, and left him injured on a pile of dirty snow by the road.

Gagandeep’s friend rushed to the spot and took him to Kelowna General Hospital, where doctors found that he had major injuries on his eyes, chest, and other parts of his body.

This hate crime against Sikhs has left fellow Indian and international students in the area shaken and scared that they may be targeted as well.

The police have started an investigation into the incident and are working to bring the perpetrators to justice.

However, the attack has sparked outrage and condemnation from the Sikh community and others who believe that such acts of violence against a particular community are unacceptable.

The incident is being viewed as a racist attack on dark-skinned people and a hate crime against the Sikh community.

Gagandeep is currently being treated for his injuries, and the incident has raised concerns about the safety of Sikh students and community members in Canada.

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