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In a surprising turn of events, Indian cricketers Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara got into a heated argument during the fourth Test match against Australia.

The incident took place during the 33rd over when Mitchell Starc bowled the fifth ball to Pujara.

As Pujara played the shot, he and Gill took the first run slowly.

However, when Pujara felt that he could take another run, both the players started running faster.

Pujara then asked Gill to take the third run, but when Gill left the crease, Pujara refused to take the third run.

This caused Gill to dive and go back inside the crease.

The incident left Gill very unhappy, while Pujara was seen in anger even after the incident had occurred.

Even Virat Kohli and the rest of the players sitting in the dugout were surprised to see this event unfold.

In light of this event, fans are now debating on social media about who is a better opener between Gill and KL Rahul.

This altercation has certainly added to the drama of the ongoing India vs Australia Test series.

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