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Newly Released Video Shows Violent Theater Brawl and Stabbing at Oak Creek Cinema

In a shocking incident at the Marcus South Shore Cinema in Oak Creek, a fight inside the theater escalated into a violent brawl, leaving a 19-year-old with stab wounds on his back and neck.

The incident, which occurred back in November, was captured on video and has recently been made public.

The footage reveals a chaotic scene as the fight erupted during a showing of the movie “Black Adam.” The theatergoers were taken by surprise as the altercation quickly spiraled out of control.

Witnesses reported seeing one man knocked unconscious from the brawl, and as that fight subsided, another one ensued.

Authorities have identified the alleged assailant as 22-year-old Mohamed Hussein.

According to police, Hussein repeatedly stabbed his friend with a set of keys, causing multiple wounds.

Law enforcement intervened, using a Taser to break up the fight and subdue the suspect.

The victim was swiftly taken to the hospital by ambulance, where it was discovered that he had sustained several stab wounds.

The investigation into the incident was initially challenging, as the suspect’s identity remained unknown.

However, after reviewing the video and photos from the theater, police were able to identify Mohamed Hussein, who later turned himself in.

Hussein now faces charges of first-degree reckless injury and the use of a dangerous weapon.

The Marcus South Shore Cinema stabbing has sent shockwaves through the local community, reminding moviegoers that violence can erupt unexpectedly even in seemingly safe spaces.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the need for heightened security measures to ensure the safety of patrons.

As the case against Mohamed Hussein progresses, the public eagerly awaits further developments in this disturbing theater throwdown that took a turn for the worse.

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