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In a shocking development in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, the Ukrainian Army has successfully repelled Russian attacks in and around Bakhmut City.

Russia has been relentlessly attacking the city in an attempt to gain dominance in the Donetsk region, but so far has not had any significant success.

Despite months of fierce fighting, the Ukrainian Army continues to defend the city with great determination.

Reports from the Ukrainian armed forces indicate that they have successfully defended against numerous Russian attacks near Orichobo, Vasilio Capamus, and other areas along the front lines.

Among the 15 settlements near the contact line that have come under Russian attack are Vasuka Zali, Nansky, Orikova Vasiluka, Hiroka Nobomarkov, and Alexandros Shiftine.

The Ukrainian Army’s success in repelling the Russian Army’s advances in and around Bakhmut City is a major victory for Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

The conflict has already claimed many lives and caused significant damage to infrastructure in the region.

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