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A cafe CCTV captured a shocking scene as an oven exploded in front of an employee.

The incident took place in the kitchen of a franchise cafe in Incheon, and was caught on camera as the reinforced glass of the oven suddenly exploded, sending shattered glass fragments flying in all directions as the employee walked by.

Even the employee’s head was showered with glass shards.

It was reported that the oven was turned off at the time of the explosion.
However, when the cafe owner reported the incident to the oven manufacturer, they received a surprising response.

The manufacturer claimed that the explosion was caused by a dish hitting the oven, and offered to replace only the 5-minute glass portion, which is normally charged, with a free-of-charge replacement.

The cafe employee, on the other hand, denied that any dish had come into contact with the oven, and the cafe owner expressed frustration, saying that even if they were to concede the manufacturer’s point after 100 concessions, they could not accept that the incident was caused by a mere 5-minute event rather than a bomb.
Afterwards, the oven company only replaced the damaged glass portion, but the cafe headquarters ultimately replaced the entire oven with a new one.

Netizens commented that the company’s claim that the oven would explode if 8 dishes touched it was ridiculous, and criticized the manufacturer for not apologizing to the injured employee.

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