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Prominent drill rap artists Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow, along with 30 other men and women, have been charged in a major gang takedown operation conducted by the NYPD in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office alleges that the artists and their associates used money earned from their music careers to acquire firearms and offer bounties on rival gang members.

The investigation, spanning four years, involved 22 teams comprising the NYPD’s Gun Violence Suppression Division and the Warrant Squad.

The operation resulted in the arrest of alleged gang members, including Sheff G, who had previously pleaded guilty to gun possession and now faces new charges.

Despite being incarcerated, Sheff G is believed to have exerted control over the streets.

The case revealed the extent of the gang’s violence, with over 30 guns used to threaten or eliminate rivals.

The charges include murder, attempted murder, weapons possession, and other crimes, with one murder, four attempted murders, and 12 nonfatal shootings involved.

Authorities uncovered evidence of Sheff G using his earnings to facilitate further gang activity and encouraging other gang members to engage in violent crimes.

The investigation highlighted a total disregard for civilian safety, with the violence spreading across various areas in Brooklyn.

The suspects were taken into custody without any shots fired, and the Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, emphasized the need to target individuals responsible for gun violence.

While recognizing the influence of drill rappers, the NYPD clarified that they were not specifically targeting the artists themselves but rather those involved in perpetuating violence.

Gonzalez pledged to continue working with the NYPD to combat gun violence and hold the most violent offenders accountable.

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