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Severe weather has caused widespread damage across California, with trees uprooted, sinkholes opened up, and neighborhoods destroyed.

A state of emergency has been declared in many counties, and the situation has been made worse by heavy rainfall causing treacherous conditions statewide.

Flash flood warnings are in effect in the north, where rivers are overflowing and sweeping away some roads.

Santa Clara, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties are under flood warnings, with communities near rivers particularly affected.

In Santa Cruz County, the entire Watsonville neighborhood has been flooded, with homes along the creek unable to handle the rain.

Sandbags and tarps did not prevent Russian water from saturating the soil, leaving nowhere for the rainwater to go.

At least two people have died due to the storm, and more than 40,000 homes and businesses across the state are still without power.

President Joe Biden has approved a state of emergency declaration to provide funds for millions of residents affected by severe weather since the beginning of the year.

With more rain forecast, there are fears that flooding or roof collapses could occur, but as of this morning, there were no reports of new damage or emergencies in the affected areas.

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