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Severe Thunderstorm Warning Issued for Grady County

The residents of Grady County are advised to brace themselves as a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued.

Meteorologist Sabrina Bates provided an update on the current weather conditions, specifically highlighting the presence of rotation within the storm system.

The thunderstorm is moving rapidly towards the west side of the Oklahoma City (OKC) metro area at a speed of 40 miles per hour.

While the impact is currently being felt in Chickasha, it is expected to progress towards Pocasset and Amber.

The severe thunderstorm warning will remain in effect until 3:45 PM.

One of the primary concerns associated with this storm is the potential for large hail.

Hailstones up to the size of a quarter are expected, with indications of even larger hailstones reported.

Additionally, meteorologists are closely monitoring the presence of rotation just north of Chickasha.

Although a tornado has not yet been spotted, the rotation indicates the possibility of a tornado forming within the next few hours.

It is crucial for residents in the affected areas to stay informed and take necessary precautions.

Stay tuned for further updates as meteorologists continue to monitor the situation closely.

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