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Severe storms have been moving across Oklahoma, bringing with them the possibility of hail and tornadoes.

An alert weather update has been issued due to the chance of tornadoes in the next hour or two.

The areas that may be most affected by tornadoes are in southern Oklahoma, including Pauls Valley, Turner Falls, and Ardmore along the Red River.

Although flooding has been reported in some areas, the overall flood threat is currently low.

There is, however, a flare-up of storms near Tinker, east of Oklahoma City.

Heavy rains are making their way from Moore to Norman and towards Riverwind Casino.

The area south of the storm line is unstable, and two severe thunderstorms producing ping pong ball-sized hail and winds of 60 miles per hour have been reported.

One storm is moving east of Snyder and west of Cash, while the other is near Frederick and producing baseball-sized hail.

The threat for severe weather will likely increase as the cold front moves south, and the atmosphere remains unstable ahead of it.

If the temperature outside feels like it’s in the 60s or 70s, then there is still a threat for severe weather.

However, if it feels colder, then the threat is low.

People are advised to take precautions and stay alert.

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