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Oklahoma Braces for Severe Storms with Possibility of Tornadoes and Hail

Oklahoma is currently experiencing a line of storms that could bring severe weather to the area.

Although there are no tornado warnings at the moment, there is a possibility of hail and tornadoes.

As of Thursday afternoon, the cold front coming through the metro is helping to eliminate the threat of severe weather, but there are still heavy rain bands passing through.

Small hail has been reported from Stella to Grant, with the Grand Casino in McLoud being hit particularly hard.

Meanwhile, waves of heavy rain are lifting up to the north and making their way towards Norman, Goldsby, Washington, Noble, Purcell, Lexington, and eventually Slaughterville.

There are currently two severe thunderstorm warnings in the state.

One is north of Lawton and is expected to expire in about 7 minutes, while the other is west of Walters, right on the Oklahoma-Texas state line.

This storm is currently warned for golf ball-sized hail and at times has had baseball-sized hail.

As it moves eastward, it is expected to hit Geronimo at 2:04 p.m.

and eventually make its way towards Empire City at 2:34 p.m.

A tornado watch has also been issued until 8 p.m.

for southern Oklahoma, including Elmore City, Sulphur, and Davis.

The watch does not include any of the areas in the metro.

The weather center is warning that the atmosphere in the eastern part of the state is more unstable and the potential for 1-2 strong tornadoes is high.

Residents in Oklahoma are urged to stay alert and monitor the weather closely, as the severe weather conditions are expected to continue throughout the day.

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