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Students Evacuated, School Canceled in Hilton CSD Following Bomb Threats Rain Easing to Scattered Showers This Afternoon with More Clearing Ahead: Third Day of Spring Brings Relief from Wild Weather.

South Lake Tahoe is facing a severe flooding and structural collapse as an atmospheric river continues to hit the Tahoe Basin.

The area is being pummeled by heavy rainfall and snow, which has caused roofs to collapse and runways to flood.

The flash flooding threat is particularly severe due to the heavy snowpack that has built up over the winter, compounding the weight of the incoming rain.

The weight of the snow has caused at least seven structures to collapse across the city.

Additionally, businesses have been closed due to being unsafe to occupy.

The heavy snow load has also caused flooding in the driveway of the Grocery Outlet parking lot.

Residents are cautioned against unnecessary travel for the next several weeks as the Basin continues to struggle through the snow melts and the safety risks to come.

Avalanche control is in effect, and crews are monitoring impacts on both Highway 50 and Highway 80.

Caltrans has deployed multiple crews in both directions to track any impacts throughout the evening.

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