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Metro Fire is currently searching for suspects involved in a series of retail fires that they believe were intentionally set to distract from thefts.

The suspect they are looking for is an arson registrant with a history of such crimes.

The fires involved multiple grocery shopping carts piled with combustible materials like cardboard, paper, and plastic.

The incidents occurred in early April within a two-block radius of the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Rio Linda Boulevard in Sacramento.

Fire Investigator Chris Rogers emphasized the dangers of arson, stating that once a fire starts, it becomes uncontrollable, posing a significant threat to human life and property.

The intentional setting of fires inside businesses is a major concern for Metro Fire, as it serves as a distraction for other crimes, particularly retail theft.

Recent incidents, including one at a local Target, have been caught on surveillance cameras, showing suspects taking advantage of the chaos caused by the fires to steal goods.

Rogers urged the public to report any information that could help identify and locate the suspect.

He emphasized the importance of public cooperation in previous arson cases that led to arrests.

Metro Fire has been actively working on 559 arson cases, resulting in the arrest of 28 individuals.

Rogers highlighted the seriousness of these crimes, emphasizing that intentionally set fires can lead to fatal injuries.

He urged those responsible to consider the consequences of their actions.

In a separate incident, the police in Tracy made an arrest, but details about the case were not provided in the given information.

Anyone with information about the arson suspect or the individuals captured on surveillance video at Target is encouraged to contact the tip line, the number of which should be displayed on the screen.

Reporting live from Sacramento, this is Rowena Shaddox for Fox 40 News at 10.

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